Crispy round waffles customised

Cakes personalized with your sign, logo, or any other pattern of your choice.

Cliché costs 100 € extra only for the first order.

Contact us to take advantage of DEGRESSIVE RATE OFFERS depending on the quantities
(in multiples of 8 boxes equivalent to 8,000 cakes).

The personalization is carried out by a jet of brown ink of food quality.

Contact us by phone,
or via the contact form
or by completing the order form.
(Without obligation on your part)

Custom patties

Ref : PG617DR
Units per pack : 8000
Quantity per box : 1000
Kg : 2.2 kg
Ø : 6 cm
Product sheet details
352,00 € HT
0,044€ / unité
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