1. Object of the general conditions of use
The general conditions of use constitute the contract between the site and the user. By using this website, the user accepts and undertakes to comply with these terms of use. In the event of non-acceptance of these, the user waives access to the website and its services.
The publisher of the site is the company MARIANNE EXPORT, SAS with a capital of 100,000 € whose head office is located: 30 Chemin du Halop, F 33770 Salles - RCS 402 191 142
Creation and hosting of the site: SARL Adelysnet
The company MARIANNE EXPORT reserves the right to update and modify, unilaterally, its general conditions of use and to communicate it to the user by an online publication or by email.

2. Definitions
The purpose of this second point is to define the various terms essential to the use of the site.
- User: any person who uses the site and its services.
- Contact form: available on the CONTACT page of the site, it must be completed correctly. The user is responsible for the veracity of the data communicated to the company MARIANNE EXPORT. It allows the user to contact MARIANNE EXPORT for any information.
- Customer: the user becomes a customer when he creates an account and can connect to the site, in particular to order online.
- Identifiers: gathers the information necessary for the identification and connection of a member user on the site. The identifiers allow the user to access his customer area and order online.

3. Access to the site and its services
Access to the site and its services is free. The user, customer or not, is responsible for the means to access the site and its services, in particular its computer equipment as well as access to the Internet and the quality of this connection. A bad connection can prevent a normal display of the website, the company MARIANNE EXPORT can in no way be held responsible. The site and its services may be subject to updating, modification or interruption, in particular in the event of maintenance, without prior notice. The company MARIANNE EXPORT relies on the understanding of the user because no compensation will be granted in the event of abnormal operation or any maintenance of the site for example.

4. Use of data, copyright and industrial property
The domain name , and all its variations are registered and protected. The logos and any other content present on the site are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and by copyright. Any use (publication, copy, screenshot, reproduction, etc.) of the content of the website, without the prior agreement of the company MARIANNE EXPORT is prohibited and constitutes a violation of these conditions of use. The extraction and display of data from this website for commercial or non-commercial purposes, on another website, whether or not automated, are subject to the authorization of MARIANNE EXPORT. The latter reserves the right to lodge any complaint necessary to comply with this point.
Any hypertext link directing a user to the MARIANNE EXPORT website without the prior authorization of the latter is prohibited.

5. Personal data and user consent
The data entered by the user is not resold to third parties.
The MARIANNE EXPORT company reserves the right to use the data entered by the user to send him commercial publications (promotions, information, event communications, etc.).
The client user can ask MARIANNE EXPORT at any time to no longer receive commercial publications via his email. He also has the right to access and rectify the data communicated to MARIANNE EXPORT. The member user also has the right to delete their data, but this deletion would no longer allow them to consult their customer area, or place an order online with the account concerned. For any modification or deletion, all he has to do is send us an email at

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